Natural Landscape Photography
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Wojtek Slusarczyk
Since I remember nature has always fascinated me the most. I have been interested in stories, art, books and articles concerning wildlife from the cradle. The most of my childhood I spent in Szczecin, Poland leaving for vacation every summer. When I was away from home I had an opportunity to see either vivid sights of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains or beautiful countrysides of east counties. The first impression was to freez all I see and to share it with others, but the time has not come yet. It is because I just was not able to take any photo at the quality similar to this achieved by North American wizards of landscape. At this time my photos were taking once in a blue moon and I did not have any experience with photo technics. Now, analizing past results I am sure that only practice is the right way to become better and better at photography. The years passed by, I grew up and received a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from Technical University of Szczecin. Shortly after that I began to work as a scientist, It was winter of 1995. That year brought one more change in my life, a new project at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. I went abroad in spring and remained in Berlin until the Fall of 1996. Because of working with polymers, liquid crystals and light-sensitive materials I found out all I need to know about image creation in photography. Long hours, spent every day in my laboratory have resulted in patent applications, publications and lectures. In the meantime I founded a project named Polish Linux Distribution and Linux IPv6 for a short time. During next years I shared time between the Linux OS and Chemistry. Eventually, Linux won and I quit Chemistry definitievely.
In the end of 1999, I began a new job at Unizeto Technologies S.A. In that time industry was looking for the Unix specialists and I took my chance. I have been working there, first as a system administrator, then consultant and finally computer systems architect. During this years, I have done many things which I am proud of. My humble achievements are Certification Authority awarded with the WebTrust Seal, some computer trainings concerning IT security and cryptography in general (licensed by Polish National Security Agency), leading and coordination of many IT deployments, a book (distributed to clerks by Ministry of Economy), many patents for the company and other things of less importance. I guess I could say that IT security, digital signatures and the Enerprise Linux are not a real problem for me. Meanwhile, I was a speaker at many conferences and I also was featured at the radio station PRS, hosted by Marcin Dalecki. To be honest I got to admit that performance in public always scares me the most.
As time passed by, I have been engaging in photography deeper and deeper. Although that is not my profession I spent weekends outside taking photos, just for pleasure. But in doing so, I always try to capture only exceptional moments that have never been caught before. Now, walking through parks I could not help stopping to focus on the new composition even without camera. In a nutshell, I enjoy photography and the most excting moment is when I pick up next roll of my reversal film from the lab. Ending up, I wish you enjoyed my photos. Here, I would like to thanks the folks of the Minolta Forum Poland for their great advices and Piotr Pyziolek for inspiration.

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